Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Pitch for my A2 coursework

I decided to choose a song that could easily be interpreted in many ways, I wanted to make a concept form of music video linking with the performance within the narrative. I also wanted to re-vamp an old song with a modern age music video.
I chose to do Down Under - Men at Work.
I liked the idea of making it quite metaphorical as well as having some form of narrative, perhaps using one line or word from the song to create a concept idea, for example in the first verse the singer says the line "head full of zombie" referring to a drug, however we could take this to be literal zombies or give it a hallucinogenic feel, or having the typical Australian stereotype with a cork hat and a can of lager as a zombie.
I want a bohemian feel throughout and link the performance into the concept. Having a flutist walking around the goings-on and the singer, maybe walking through the streets of a busy city, e.g. Leeds.
Also I am going to take a video camera with me to New York City and try to capture some iconic footage to use in the video to give the impression it's a music video about travelling, linking to the literal meaning of the some and providing some narrative.

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