Sunday, 9 January 2011

Digipak's (EM/GS)

A digipak is usually made up in a "gatefold" style and of a card or paper fabric, and the term Digipak is the only common term refering to the type of packaging.
The style is generally used for CD single's or special edition CD's, they have been popular among artists and record labels since 2000. They are generally made to be more environmentally friendly and having recycable components in the trays of the Digipaks.
Digipak is a registered trademark of AGI Media, MeadWestvaco, Inc.

 This Digipak "A Strange Arrangement" by Mayer Hawthorne is a deluxe edition, it includes a full CD as well as a 4.5 Vinyl single, so here they are trying to make the special edition more attractive in a different type of case to the usual jewel case.
Sunday, 9 January 2011Digipaks

Digipaks are often present in the form of a book, either paperback or card with a binding. Digipaks are used an alternative to plastic cases or jewel cases by large record companies.
It is most likely a Digipak will be used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums.
However they do have limitations, the Digipak is not as durable as jewel cases. Showing signs of wear and tear relatively fast.
Digipaks grew in popularity within record labels and recording artists in the early 2000's, they have also recently become eco-friendly with trays being made of recycled bottles.
Digipaks were only available to buy in large quantities however a new product has recently being introduced called ' digipak i-create' it is a web-supported concept that allows you to access the same information about the band but also online music downloads, photo's. This does however allow for a wider target audience.
Usually made from: 300gsm card with matt or gloss varnish. Printed 4 colours (CMYK) or Pantone colours. Spot varnish, lamination and embossing available. - (animation of a Digipak)

Digipak Ideas

  • Maybe incorporate aboriginal art and obvious Australian themes and images.
  • Have the band featured on the cover.

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