Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Podcast - 1 - Initial Pitches for A2 Coursework


Green screen or try to create the effect, for the opening.

Introduction sequence maybe starting a toy car engine similar to a jeep and ending in a empty car park, walking away to signify the end of the journey.

Main singer driving down a rural, overgrown road. But staying still just a moving background to signify or make the allusion of the band on a journey picking up people on his journey from a rural environment to a large city center, obviously in a well built area, maybe leeds or somewhere similar. Also reference to the zombie, drug reference, maybe try to create hallucinations. Or we could have a zombie walking down the street eating a veggie bite sandwich, with over the top gore adding humor.

To include the other band members maybe 4 members including the main singer. Have a drummer buskin on the street in a unusual location, the singer can than throw a coin or something in his hat, than joins in on journey, picking up each band member like this. Most likely to be George being the main singer and 3 other band members.

We haven't yet considered outfit codes but i think it will be quite bohemian.


Opening up in the town center, with someone not in the band as whilst he is playing the drums the band will be driving behind the drummer, in hippy van or ' a beat up combie' as it is referred to in the songs lyrics. Perhaps on the island in between the the two zebra crossings, sat alone. We are thinking this would be a long shot, gradually zooming in.

Cutting to them in the back of the van, drinking beer something, having a good time on their journey.

To be inter cut with them walking in a line along the moors, around sundown, with backpacks and instruments, to signify the different aspects of their journey.

Zombie ?

Falling ?

Unsure about chorus still.

Bar layout

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