Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Band as a Brand/Rebranding

Men At Work, but more so the song "Down Under" is still recognised today and by people of all ages. 
A softer instrumental version of the song appeared in the 2008 advert for Qantas Airlines, it also appeared in the 2003  family comedy "Kangaroo Jack" directed by David McNally, as well as the 2001 Comedy "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles" directed by Simon Wincer. Also for the movie trailer for 2003 Pixar animation film "Finding Nemo" directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, the song was played and yet it did not appear in the cinema or DVD release of the film, so perhaps it was used purposefully to attract the audience to the film.

have recently being featured in various adverts qantas airlines for example, TV programs and copyright lawsuit.
Down Under had allegedly showed a strong influence from ' Kookaburra' a well known children's rhyme. It has had various appearances in films, such as Kangaroo jack soundtrack. Down under was used on Finding Nemo's advertisements as well showing the song does have potential to appeal to a younger audience. TV appearances such as 'Scrubs 'My Hard Labor' and ' My Porcelain God'.

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