Thursday, 27 January 2011

Links with TV/Film - cultural influences

A main cultural form that has influenced us and that we would like to incorporate in our film is the idea of aboriginal art, the colours and patterns. We would like to involve the colours in clothing and settings, backdrops maybe or adding in colours and design later or overlapping the footage.
Whilst not strictly within the genre of New Wave, we liked the influence of The Sex Pistols on many New Wave bands, this documentary gave us a good insight into how the band was formed, costumes, props, gig's, etc.

The Sex Pistols - Full Documentary

In our music video we decided to use symbolic Australian icons, like the didgeridoo and the boomerang, both with aboriginal patterns on them, this works also well as a form of anchorage. Also we thought of using Australian road signs saying "Kangaroo's next 25km" or "Danger Crocodiles, No Swimming!" as it will almost create a juxtaposition for the characters in our music video.

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