Thursday, 27 January 2011

Existing Videos for Ideas/Influence

Whilst our music video is a 1980's quirky pop song, I wanted to put a lot of the influence into the New Wave genre and the bohemian feel of the music. The band "Rogue Traders" gave me a lot of influence into the type of music video I wanted to create and the styles and colours I wanted to use, especially their song Voodoo Child. I like the use of colours and animation, it almost has a punk influence to it as well, which I think gives it a unique image.
I want to really emphasise the New Wave genre in the music video, so as well as looking at the video's of Men at Work, I am looking at Joy Division and some more contemporary music videos like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. I am also looking at inspiration from Glam Rock which helped inspire New Wave, like David Bowie.

Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders (2005)
The Video starts with the name of the song and band on a book, like a "Once upon a time..." style, it opens and zooms into a blank page with an animated pair of red lips on it, it starts to sing then the outline and shadow of the eyes and nose appear. There is a fast pace to the video, and good animation used. We actually see an animated version of the lead singer, though it is not two dimensional. The colours used are quite faint and dark, like the background and figures of the singer, but this contrasts with the bright colours used for the trees and objects in the video. There is good use of shadow used in the video, connoting that it is a darker theme and not a jolly childhood type of animation, with contrasting bright colours to go with the fun fast pace of the song and it gives it a punk style. As the song and video was said to be influenced by the Punk Revolution, especially The Sex Pistols and so there are links, like drawings of the skull with the top hat on, snakes, gravestones and bats. Also good use with the colours filtering through the sketches.

A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers (2009)

The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale

Found this low budget independent re-make/alternative music video of the song "Down Under", thought it was good inspiration and we can compare our music video to it nicely too.

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