Sunday, 6 February 2011

Men at Work videos (EM)

Men At Work- Who Can It Be Now

The open 0.06 seconds represents the motif we want to create with the flute in the chorus of A Land Down Under. Similar to the rest of the videos the band member are all separate but conjoin later in versus.
Reference to the song lyrics and alcohol represented similar to Down Under. We can to represent them drinking in the back of the hippy van. To signify them enjoying them self's as the song is upbeat and energetic.
A lot of engaging with the camera and the audience, this seems to be a common feature in their videos.
The costumes and mise en scene is basic and minimal.
Unlike the other video's this includes some performance footage.

Men At Work - Overkill

This video appears to be in a more urban area and has more similarities with modern rock/pop music videos.
Colin Hay seems to be the most dominant singer within the band, we had adapted this a want to include George as the main, dominant singer.
Again engaging with the camera and the audience. But this video seems to include more editing techniques and new wave editing. Altering the colors, fading into close up's.

Men At Work- It's A Mistake - Concept video

This video again reinforces the bands individualistic style, the video is energetic and uses animation, that at the time would of been relatively new and hi-tech.
Including the all band members in different situations that join together, similar to our idea with all band members on a journey coming together at the end.
As well as creating unusual situations as we want to do in out production, for example the old women hitting the man in the forest their video compared to ours in a modern day situation of a zombie walking down the street eating a veggie-mite sandwich.


Overall all the videos seen involve both a concept idea and performance, George and myself want to include both concept and performance. As well as having one main band member being predominately shown and singing. Present in most shots.

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