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For our main band members I wanted the actors to be young, late teen years surrounded by the background of elder characters to add a form of binary opposition and even a juxtaposition maybe making these band members anchoring the stereotype of youth being revolutionary compared to more mature conservative characters. The band members will be caucasian, signifying they are European Australians as opposed to Aboriginal Australians.

The lead singer will be the most eccentric character. Flamboyant dress and will sing and not play any instruments. I was advised to play this part as I do a lot of dramatics and musical theatre in my spare time as well as act in many fellow students coursework.
For the rest of the musicians and band members I decided to use people who I know from other bands and those with a striking image, both in appearence - hairstyle and features, but also dress sense.
There would be five band members, the others being the drummer, lead guitarist, percussion (e.g. flute player/keyboard) and a bass player.

I was thinking the guitarist would be played by a friend of mine who plays lead guitar in his own band, 18 years old and has an individual appearence and clothing style. I want each band member to have their own look whilst also being collectively a group with a style or common theme between them.

Lead singer - George Scaife
Lead Guitarist - Joseph Iliff
Drummer -
Percussionist -
Bass Guitar -

We faced difficulties with our casting towards the end as many people were unable to make filming at the last minute, though we managed to recover from this minor glitch. Rather than just having a band of 5 we decided to have a central protagonist and lots of characters revolving around him, and interacting with a variety of people as he is travelling. We used several people of the same age, as well as some more mature actors. We went into the bakers and used the baker there as one of the characters that our protagonist meets, who gives him "a vegemite sandwich" as the lyrics say in the song. As well as another character going into a shop to try on a jumper and interacting with the staff behind the counter, and then disturbing a couple on a bench whom chase him and punch him.

Hamish Yewdall - band member
Harry Knight - band member
Tom Wardman - band member
Mark Allan - man on bench
Laura Birtwistle - woman on bench
Robert Micklethwaite - Band member
George Scaife - lead singer
Joel Colborne - Boomerang man
Johnny Hughes - Didgeridoo player
Graeme Smith - Baker

In the end our cast was made up of a variety of people, I included more footage of myself as the lead singer lip syncing as I felt it was not clear I was the lead in the first and second rough cuts as I was barely on screen. I therefore ensured there was much more footage of me in different costume and locations to again signify the idea of a journey.

As the second singer/backing vocals I chose Robert as he is an eccentric and flamboyant person who was perfect for the type of music video I was doing and he kept within the style of the song perfectly, as well as doing some of his own choreography in certain parts.

Johnny Hughes and Joel Colborne were also perfect as characters in the video, whilst they did not sing/lip sync they were used as a sort of comedy duo in the video and it was there spontaneity as actors that attracted me to them, a lot of what was eventually filmed was on the spot and I decided to just film some messing around which actually afterwards looked so good it become part of the final project which was fantastic!

Mark Allan and Laura Birtwistle were also used for comedy effect and a binary opposition, as Mark is a more mature adult male and her being a young teenage girl this worked nicely. I wanted interaction between all my characters of all ages, and again whilst I planned and story boarded most of the sequence they are in some parts came from their presence when acting which I really wanted to portray on screen.

Graham Smith was an ideal choice for the video too as we wanted a baker behind a counter looking jolly and again showing some interaction, there was also a bit of sarcasm in the song as the line is "he was 6ft 4 and full of muscles" and to go with the quirky feel of the video we wanted someone who was the opposite of that, a smaller, bald chap rather than a tall, muscular, blonde haired hero.

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