Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final Cut/HD Camera

Elizabeth and I took some sample footage of both of us walking down a corridor from a variety of angles, edited it to make it look as though we were merging into the same person, we edited it using Imovie on the apple macs and then put it into Final Cut. We decided to play around and learn more about it as we had not previously used the software. We were able to overlay the footage and add transitions and effects onto the footage which was far more advanced than Imovie, which is still incredibly useful software.
When we changed the speed of footage it kept the smooth motion rather than it being choppy no matter how fast or slow the speed was changed to, we could also enhance the footage with colouring and the sharpness and contrast.
This was also due to the use of the High Definition Cameras that used, the difference between this and the ordinary video camera was phenominal. It made the reflections and surfaces of objects more like what the eye would see and the picture quality was far superior in many wyas enhancing even what the human eye would see. It was much easier to upload the footage too, as the HD camera did not require video tape and so the footage was stored on a memory card which we simply placed into the Mac to transfer, this also meant there was no chance of recording over any footage already taken which is a stress relief as it is a careless mistake which could happen quite easily.

A fantastic thing about programme's such as Final Cut is that many production companies, including Hollywood companies, use the programme for making movies. A famous one includes the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain directed by Ang Lee, or 300 made in 2006 and directed by Zack Synder.

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