Monday, 14 February 2011

Rough Footage

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Here we were trying to catch the quirk and fun, fast pace of the song in our video, and using a variety of shots and angles that help capture this. We tried to play around with obscure angles and shots to see how effective they were on screen, many worked with match-on-action as well to keep a nice solid flow throughout as well as giving ellipsis with chopped up footage.


  1. cheeky use of the classroom footage there!
    good stuff, and this, if extended and thought through a little, could make for an interesting side project - a viral, lo-fi alt video (think Way to Amarillo, which spawned many imitators posted online)
    U2 are one of many to create multiple vids for a track (One)

  2. do add some text to contextualise what this is though