Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Target Audience (GS/EM)

Today we did a voxpop and spoke with a group of teenagers about 80's music. It was interesting when asking them whether they listened to music from the 80's and most said no or that they were unsure, this was interesting because as soon as we named an array of bands from the 1980's they all recognised them and said that they listened to them, so perhaps many people do listen to 1980's music today but they are not sure of the age it was made.

Men At Work were at there at the peek of success during the 80's. So it may be hard to appeal to a younger audience. I myself had never heard of the song until George's initial pitch, therefore the song would needed to be re-branded.

Making our primary target audience being 20-40 year olds, who are most likely to be aware of the song.

If we were going to attempt to attract a younger 'youth audience' not tweens as this is a new age category associated with 'Pop music' not Folk, so we aren't going to try to appeal to this audience. One way we could do this is especially with the video, we want to use a old song and try a incorporate new ideas. To make the video appear modern thus appealing to a 'youth audience' as well as 20 to 30 year olds.

To illustrate what our target audience knows about the track itself and the 80's, we are going to do a vodcast to demonstrate this.

We are going to ask a few people in our target audience age rage 6 questions.

Do you have any 80's music on your ipod or downloaded recently?

Can you name three bands from the 80's?

Have you heard of the track before?

Can you name the band?

Do you think it would appeal to a youth audience?

Would you choose to listen or download this track?

From these questions we want to understand what our target audience knows about the 80's music.

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  1. Be more precise about the age/s!
    And detail what you founf out from this