Monday, 14 February 2011

Location Scouting

We went around the town centre of Ilkley with a still camera to capture images of desirable location to shoot our music video. As it is about travelling we therefore wanted a variety of locations hence why we have images of the town centre, the railway station, pubs, restaurants and gardens.

We also will be filming in the countryside as well as the inner cities, I will be taking my video camera to New York with me to capture some footage to bring back to add into our music video too, to signify it showing a whole world journey.
* Due to problems with my video footage in New York it is too poor quality to use in our music video, however I have a great variety of still shots of land marks and icons from the city which I think we can successfully overlay onto our current footage which could work well and significantly give the impression of a journey in our music video.

The above footage was taken at the 'Monkey Wrack' at the top of Brook Street in Ilkley. I thought it was an ideal place to take footage for the video in. It is incredibly atmospheric despite not being a particulary large area, and through angles and framing the size was not apparent, we could make it seem as large or small as we saw fit. It had an almost rainforest/jungle feel to it, which was perfect as we could almost make it feel like the 'Australian Bush' as it was complete with high green tree's and bushes, as well as a flowing stream and fantastic branches which had beautiful shapes and this strongly helped the mise-en-scene. Also the bridges would be perfect to take footage of our characters interacting/performing on, just to give it an edge and make use of such easily accessible location.
As I wanted to display Roadsigns in the film and have the Koala bear poking out in certain locations this was definitely a great place to use, as I could have road signs balancing on tree branches or even stuck to tree's/benches and could have the Koala poking out from behind trees or out bushes or crawling along branches to add to the feel of the music video. It felt like it was truely the right mise-en-scene for the film, going nicely with our cast set and prop's.

Also I chose to film on Ilkley Moor, which is not only iconic and a tourist attraction, linking with the idea of Australian traveller, etc., but also it was a beautiful big open space and providing the weather was sunny and bright would really create a great impression on film. I want to have some of the band members running around all over the moor like it's the outback and they are isolated, especially on the line "you better run, you better take cover". A beautiful and iconic landscape, and whilst recognisable to locals, it could almost be anywhere in the world.

We also chose to use Fat Face in Ilkley as I wanted interaction between the cast and people around town, also Fat Face is quite a bohemian/surfer style shop which is perfect for the type of video we were doing. As well as it having a canoe on the wall and the dressing room door was in the shape and style of a Volkswagen 'Kombie' which was perfect to go with the opening line of the song.

Also the Loafer bakery in Ilkley was used as the sandwich shop in the video, again for interaction and would also be a quirky link to the line in the song. The counter displaying the sandwiches was perfect and the boards behind with 'specials' and pork pies, etc. I thought it was the perfect setting and the owner was more than happy for us to use it!

We eventually decided on the following locations to film our Music Video;

Fat Face, Ilkley
Ilkley Grammar School Front Lawn
Monkey Wrack, Ilkley
Ilkley Car Park
Ilkley Moor
The Loafer Bakery
Ilkley Paddling Pool

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