Saturday, 9 October 2010

Analysis of Music Videos #2

Roxanne - The Police
  • Performance music video, concert footage and behind the scenes
  • Starts with nice fast paced editing and intercutting to the beat with foot tapping and the strumming of the guitar and drums.
  • Then a mid shot of Sting in a make-up room, mise-en-scene - mirror with lightbulbs around the edges, turns into still frame.
  • Then footage of band of stage, and intercutting back to Sting walking through a door saying "No Entry".
  • Shot of the audience through the drum kit, nice framing. Purposefully done for the effect of feeling a conert. Slowed down footage turning into still frame, against the tempo of the music. Also slow motion shot of band playing and dancing to the music.
  • Close up of Stings face as he sings, breaking fourth wall as he stares down the camera lense. As he holds the note "Roxanne" pan zoom into his face to close up of his mouth.
  • Point of view shot from the audience, with a crowd members shadow jumping up in the frame.
  • Fast-paced editing between Stings face, instruments being used, drums, head nodding.
  • Intercuts between close up shots of Stings face and slow motion footage of the band and the crowd.
  • Living in the moment? Concert lasting a long time.
Know Your Enemy - Green Day

  • Distorted camera footage, elliptical editing, fast paced editing and variation of shots. City skyline, barbed wire fencing, plane flying in the sky.
  • Black and white shot through a tube, intertextual link to James Bond gun barrel sequence?
  • Close up on band members feet, night vision?
  • Performance footage with narrative?
  • Performance, concert set up with screen in the background as if set outside in plain lands, sunset skyline.
  • Variation of high and low angle shots of band members. Close up on lead singers mouth when he leans into microphone.
  • Fast paced editing between band performance, nightvision footage, behind the scenes, rehearsal, etc.
  • Signifies criminals? Barbed wire, night camera vision - CCTV Sureveillance, helicopter search lights. Band are performing in what looks like a cage, prison setting? Stereotype of rural southern USA Prison. Police vehicles, control towers, wardens, etc.
  • Quick night vision of shot of what looked like the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.
  • Smoke screen, pyrotechnics used, flames burning in the backdrop.

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