Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Guns N' Roses Presentation (GS/EM)

Performance Video

One of the best examples of a performance music video is Bruce Springsteen's 1984 single hit Dancing In the Dark.  Entire performance revolves around the singer, framing to show lively audience, point of view shots used as though we are looking through the singers eyes as the video is all about them. The only change is when he pulls one member of the crowd onto the stage to dance with him, being the then unknown Courtney Cox.

Many performance videos intercut between the band and backstage footage, this is clear in many Guns N' Roses videos, especially Sweet Child o' Mine and Paradise City. 
Also good use of set dressing, like in paradise city where there is the giant band logo hanging in the background. Also Motley Crue - Wild Side.

Guns n Roses were formed in 1985 in Los Angeles and became a established band in the 70's era.

Genre- The bands music is usually heavily influenced from rock and roll, hard rock and punk. However the band became established and famous for there heavy metal music.

Success- There breakthrough hit was with 'Sweet Child O Mine'. The first EP ( live ?!*@ like suicide) was released in 1986 that led to a record company with Geffen records bought by Warner Bro's, they provided 100% funding and distribution in the USA, UK and Canada. Geffen records previously had a diverse range of artists signed however recently established them selves as a rock label with artists such as nirvana. In 1987 Geffen released Guns n Roses debut album 'Appetite For Destruction' the album gave them worldwide success selling 20 million copies and three top 10 hits in the charts, making it the best debut album ever sold. Followed by two other albums ' Use Your Illusions 1 and 2.' The albums give the band the heavy metal metal band person era and a self destructing attitude. 'Use Your Illusions' subsequently cemented the band as being extremely influential and a permanent in the rock and roll genre.

Almost 15 years later Guns n Roses released 'Chinese Democracy' a highly controversial album that has mixed reviews. The album did place at no#3 on the Billboard top 200 chart, in November 2008 and no#1 in the UK. Despite this records sales didn't reach exceptions, although the song hit international success the album has only sold a estimate 5 million copies in Europe making the album the least successful of all albums released, the album was released in November 2008 after being in production from 1994 and cost a massive £14 million. Controversy occurred when previous band members tried to ban the release claiming it would change the bands image. Which it did the band didn't get the same support as they usually did the crowd didn't respond to the band and was pushed off stage.

The Video and lyrics is at first are critical of the American democratic system however develops and the lyrics come to defend the the American democracy. The song makes strong links to the American dream and how it should be admired and recognisable worldwide. However if rejected people can rebel and reject causing controversy. Shown in the graphic images and news footage. Making the link with Guns n Roses previous music video ' Welcome To The Jungle'.

Audience- is within to 30+ range, former fans (dedicated fans), targeting younger audience. It will be interesting to see if anyone under the age of Twenty-Five makes any kind of effort to buy the CD,” said Scrape TV.

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