Saturday, 9 October 2010

Analysis of Music Videos #3

Commander - Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta
  • Starts with crowd dancing in slow motion footage, wearing dark colours. Some men with slicked back white hair. Metallic looking clothing.
  • White smoke screen pyrotechnic, bright lighting. Singer walks through in a cat suit, close up on her boots.
  • Shot of her from behind walking through parting the crowd. Dominance, feminist ideology?
  • She starts to sing, performance video, perhaps also concept?
  • She's walking along a cat walk that is self raising, crowds dancing to the beat of the music. Red flashing lights.
  • Intercuts from her wearing the black cat suit to a red one. Then duplicate shot of her in both, like mirror image but conflicting outfits.
  • Perhaps intertexual link to something like Gladiators or Power Rangers ?
  • Form of animation, choreographed dancing.
  • Intercuts to a binary oppostion, no longer black background but white. Singer has her hair down in a dress, with a male DJ in the background.
  • Split screen footage into three of singer and then DJ.
  • Then cuts to slow motion shots of the crowd dancing, diverse range of people and fashion sense.
  • Shot at the end where she hits the camera lenses, breaking the fourth wall, like a glass screen which shatters, she jumps through and her outfit changes as she does, music fades out and shot.
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

  • Starts black and white footage, strumming a guitar. Flashback?
  • Garden shed, male band playing, drinking beer.
  • Narrative/performance, nice linking shot, throws a can away then turns to a shot of wedding car driving off with cans attached to the back.
  • Shed collapses then fades into Bryan Adams laying on a hammock singing about the narrative, goes into colour. Like he is talking to a journalist as he makes notes.
  • Then cuts back to flashback of 1950's dirve in movie setting. Couple running around, teenage romance.
  • Fades back to colour, shaky camera work following singer walking towards the camera, breaking the fourth wall.
  • Flashback of the band running around wrecking havoc, running around factory throwing apples. police chase them.
  • As he walks fades from B/W to colour, walking around singing, someone out of frame throws him a guitar, walks to the garden shed again to play.
  • Added bit at the end, like a mini film, linking with the narrative story of the song.
  • Narrative footage adds anchorage to the story of the song and that the lyrics are not metaphorical but more narrational.

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