Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Audience Feedback

I recieved a lot of comments about the video when I posted it on my facebook page including a comment that read
OMG, George!!!!!! That is just FANTASTIC! I would definitely give it an A*! Might have known you would choose that song! The whole storyline is brilliant, and I love the Beatles/Monkies-esque feel to it (that's meant to be a compliment, you realise!) Never realised the dangers to Olicanians of all those furry animals around the place. Rob is a star in the making (although not too sure about the exposure shot near the end of the video - he's incorrigible!) Well done, George. (If you ever need any "oldies" for your videos, I would gladly volunteer!!) x"
As well as a variety of other ones, it has certainly appealed to a wide audience as people from 16-50 have throughly enjoyed watching it and said whilst it is funny and uplifting (and quirky) it is slickly produced and has it's own style whilst the inspiration from past bands like quoted above the monkee's/beatles is there, and the feel of an original 1980's men at work video, whilst also having a feel of the 1980's in it, similar to the Pet Shop Boy's video's - e.g. You Were Always on my Mind.

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