Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The three types of music video are Performance, Narrative and Concept.

5 Codes and Conventions;

  •  Editing
  • Continuity
  • Cut-to-the-beat
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Diegetic intro's/endings

Our Mag Ad is similar to a teaser advertisement almost, as it is purely the name of the band and song and says coming soon - no dates, so it works well alone, with a quirky style of poster which is in keeping with the rest of the products.
It captures you as you look at it, something with good use of colours and interesting to look at, as well as keeping within the genre. So nice big 'funky' text and almost a cartoon style to it, whilst not giving too much away.

In our music video we tried to keep the main conventions of 1980's music video's not just within the 'New Wave' genre but also pop and even reggae to an extent as these influence the  'New Wave' genre.
Due to the style of our editing as kept it fast paced as well as the use of rewinds and cut to the beat in our opening scene, as well as the use of tints and effects to add to an almost nostalgic/psychedelic feel especially when we did the almost instrumental interludes, here we also tried to add an unusual quirky feel to it as we were incorporating performance aspects to the video even though the instruments seen were not the ones creating the sounds as we had a didgeridoo being played as flute music played.

Also the narrative/performance concept of the lead singer breaking the fourth wall and creates speculation over whether it is narrative or concept as he sings to the camera whilst the story plays on, like a narrator style to the video, like seen in many 'Pet Shop Boys' videos. Though the main influence of the video is of course the music videos of 'Men at Work' not so much the original 'Down Under' music video as we wanted to make our video unique and with a fresh mind but we looked at many other songs like 'Be Good Jonny' and 'Who Can it Be' as these all combined the three forms of music video with narrative and performance strongly overlapping whilst also concept thrown in though arguably this could be narrative too and metaphorical/alternative interpretations of the lyricsso there is negotiated reading within the original videos and as well as ours.

Aspects of our video also made it feel a home video in parts due to the shakey camera work as well as the sepia tone we added on at certain parts which helped signify the idea of a journey of an Australian back packer, some of the influence of this came from the 'Sweet Child O' Mine' video by 'Guns N' Roses'.
Our mise-en-scene was full of a variety of locations, props and costume, which were large signifiers to our production as we included stereotypes and cultural symbols of Australian people and ways of life - road signs, koala bears, etc.
The koala used in our video almost worked as a motif as it was a constant feature within the production as it followed the story and characters throughout, in many ways this was like our mascot and influence by the Compare the Meerkat advert as that gain so much success and is incredibly memorable to it's audience and is found amusing by a wide age group.

Our video both began and ended with the song we did not add in a digetic intro/ending like that in 'Welcome to the Jungle' or 'You Were Always on My Mind' as we like the way that the action began with the drum beat and the beginning of the song and slowly faded out towards the end, so it began fun and fast paced excitement and became calmer towards the end and had a nice slow ending of our Koala motif wandering out of frame though we did use it to break the fourth wall by having the bear looking into the camera lense.

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